**zBUCKz Press** Abysse Presents Provocative "Piss Off X" Doc

Axel Abysse Presents Provocative New “Piss Off X” Documentary
(Tokyo, Japan, 15 April 2022)
For Immediate release

Public urination is commonly treated as a distasteful nuisance, illegal in most jurisdictions. But “Piss Off X,” a provocative new documentary presented on AxelAbysse.com Friday April 15, explores the exploits of a mysterious man who made pissing in public his obsession, an act of rebellious and erotic performance art. Abysse, the French “poet of pornography” based in Tokyo, premieres this 19-minute Henry Baker-directed video examination of his friend and cohort “Athleticpisspig” as the latest in his award-winning site’s celebration of gay male kink.

Most males who relieve their urge to pee in public find a secluded corner, or piss themselves in a mindless state of intoxication. Athleticpisspig makes it his mission to take pissing to a new level of in-your-face flagrant display, spread out on a public bench with an arc of his piss drenching him from head to toe, or sprawled and seated in a men’s room urinal dripping with urine, a tacit invitation for others to use him as their pissoir. Baker shows these and other incidents in a fetishy tableaux, punctuated with commentary by Axel and interviews with Athleticpisspig’s scene partners and co-conspirators.

The director sees transgressive eroticism in the video’s eye-popping episodes. Baker notes:

“The close bond between Axel and Athleticpisspig creates impressively arousing footage. Axel’s astute insight illuminates the psychology of these piss performances – as we watch beautiful bodies being pissed on.”

As for the video’s now-elusive subject, Athleticpisspig praises Abysse’s support and participation.

“When I started to record my piss videos, there was never the intention to do a documentary like “Piss Off X”. It was just the passion of Henry Baker which brought this project to life. We have to thank him for his dedication and I only realized through working with him that this film actually is a bold statement about how diverse our world is in all its facets and how open we need to be to be able to experience that.

This open mindset makes my videos with Axel also the most outstanding ones because we have similar ideas when it comes to expressing yourself through much more than what might just look like another fetish. The curiosity to explore each other’s boundaries made the videos with Axel exceptional.”

Axel chimes in his agreement.

“I’d been an admirer of Athleticpisspig for years before I finally met him. Every time we got together, I’d hit the highest peaks of adrenaline, while my horniness would hit the roof. We have a lot in common, through our kinks, our passions, also the fact that we can both be very discreet persons. You’d never guess what we’re up to if you saw us in the street before a session.

After the disappearance of Xtube along with other platforms, and consequently most of Athleticpisspig’s videos, he became a sort of urban legend. This documentary is a great way to protect his “legacy” and I was honored being asked to participate. I’m really hoping this isn’t the last time we hear from Athleticpisspig.”

Viewers and AxelAbysse.com site members have come to expect the unexpected and challenging from Abysse, and the premiere of “Piss Off X” will not disappoint his followers. The site describes its latest video update this way:

“An eye-opening documentary that explores a long-practiced erotic fetish from the point of view of a gay millennial who expresses it as performance art: Athleticpisspig. Is it mere pornography or groundbreaking art worthy of consideration and criticism? The film poses many questions which viewers must answer for themselves.

With the participation of Axel Abysse.”

Watch this intriguing exploration of transgressive eroticism as a work of art on AxelAbysse.com beginning Friday, April 15th.

About Axel Abysse: Born in the in the countryside of south France, introverted and unconfident as a kid, Axel escaped into his dreams and captured his fantasies on paper, writing and drawing on sketchbooks. His artistic interests soon brought him to pornography, as his growing body showed the first desires to be explored. While studying arts and more importantly cinema in Paris, Axel took a fist in him for the first time at 18, and never went back. Later, living in Japan, he explored photography using his obscene self as a model. Surprised, yet turned on by the reaction of hundreds of admirers online, he decides to share what he calls “his curse” with the world. Abysse is born. With exhibition as a pretext to exercise his self-taught filmmaking skills, a first video is uploaded on Xtube in 2014. It is the first of a long series of sometimes, somewhat experimental pornographic pieces in which the performer explores the art of fisting, alone or with partners from all over the world. His work started getting more attention over the months, and he was then invited by renowned studios to perform in the USA with big names of the industry, such as Brian Bonds and Amerifist. In 2017, after meeting with the inspirational trans-porn icon Buck Angel, Axel decided to fully embrace his creative and sexual passions with his website.

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