Zbuckz Announces Asian Fetish Star's YoshiKawasakiXXX.com

[SIZE=28px]Zbuckz Premieres Asian Fetish Star’s YoshiKawasakiXXX Site July 24[/SIZE]
[SIZE=20px](Tokyo, Japan, July 2[/SIZE][SIZE=20px]4[/SIZE][SIZE=20px], 2020)
For Immediate release

[SIZE=20px]Friday July 24[/SIZE][SUP][SIZE=20px]th[/SIZE][/SUP][SIZE=20px], rising Japanese fetish star Yoshi Kawasaki brings his edgy hardcore kink site [/SIZE][SIZE=20px]YoshiKawasakiXXX.com [/SIZE][SIZE=20px]to the web as part of the growing lineup at Zbuckz. Kawasaki returns to Japan after years in California and the UK, where he honed his early interest in BDSM manga porn into his dream career as a porn actor, living out his fantasy of “being used and abused like a piece of meat. He introduces himself online: “[/SIZE][SIZE=20px]Hey my friends! I am Yoshi Kawasaki, Japanese XXX adult entertainer, porn [/SIZE][SIZE=20px]d[/SIZE][SIZE=20px]irector, and as you all know, a cock-hungry whore.” [/SIZE][SIZE=20px]Young and eager, the muscular, pierced and tatted Kawasaki embodies the powerful erotic masculinity of his idol, legendary manga creator Gengoroh Tagame.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=20px]Making his 2013 porn debut in London with UKHotJocks, Yoshi found [/SIZE][SIZE=20px]medical science[/SIZE][SIZE=20px] catching up with his fetish dreams with the availability of PreP and PeP. His life in the kink scene could be the driven, uninhibited sex hunt he always imagined, as he explains. “Once I discovered the taste of bareback, I knew there was no turning back for me. And now I can say I’m a proud cumdump!” His new website reflects that unashamed mantra. [/SIZE][SIZE=20px]Fisting, gear, sex toys and bondage complete the cutting-edge sexuality on state-of-the-art display.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=20px]YoshiKawasakiXXX[/SIZE][SIZE=20px] features a mix of new videos and an archive of Kawasaki’s exploits from recent years. The site’s premiere marks the world debut of his 2020 collaboration with famed cohort Axel Abysse. Their epic eight-episode “Lockdown” series imagines the growing intimacy and kinky appetites of the pair as they spend weeks under quarantine in Yoshi’s Tokyo apartment. It will appear on both fetish stars’ websites, with [/SIZE][SIZE=20px]the first episode[/SIZE][SIZE=20px] premiering on Kawas[/SIZE][SIZE=20px]a[/SIZE][SIZE=20px]ki’s and coming to [/SIZE][SIZE=20px]AxelAbysse.com [/SIZE][SIZE=20px]one week later. [/SIZE][SIZE=20px](Future segments will alternate coming first to [/SIZE][SIZE=20px]either [/SIZE][SIZE=20px]Axel’s or Yoshi’s sites.)[/SIZE]

[SIZE=20px]WebMediaPro/Zbuckz[/SIZE][SIZE=20px] CEO Danny Zeeman is betting on the Asian-centric fetish site’s success. “Since 2003 when we launched our first membership site, Japanboyz.com, and later purchased PeterFever.com (which has won industry awards every year since we took it over and gone on to become extremely successful), we have been very invested in creating an ecosystem featuring the best gay Asian and Japanese content,” said Zeeman. “That is why we were beyond excited when Yoshi came to us seeking web representation. With a killer brand, very unique and artistic content, plus his very sexy looks we are thrilled and honored for the opportunity to help take Yoshi to the next level in his career,” he said. “Expect very big things to come!” [/SIZE]

[SIZE=20px]Enter the hot, uninhibited world of Yoshi Kawasaki today at [/SIZE][SIZE=20px]YoshiKawasakiXXX.com[/SIZE][SIZE=20px]![/SIZE]

[SIZE=20px]Visit Zbuckz for affiliate details; direct inquiries to [B][email protected][/B]. [/SIZE]

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Congratulations on that. The site looks superb.

That is some sick shit … congrats on the new site launch :slight_smile:

Hey Danny - was this delayed? I don’t see it in ZBuckz :slight_smile: Or am I reading incorreclty and we should promote it via Axel Abysse?
Sorry, my brain is not computing…

I asked Doug about the same thing… The announcement was for a soft opening. They hope to have affiliate links up by end of next week.

I got my Yoshi link today :slight_smile:

Me too… Maybe he said end of this week, not next week… LOL :blushing:

great looking content and model!