WTF CorbinFisher accuse me of stealing content!

I don’t understand
After tricking us into promoting their content years ago, they are now asking me to remove that content, just some photos and trailers.
The best part is that they want to sue me and accuse me of stealing content.
Big anything!

Is it affiliate content that they offered to you?

It is yes I don’t understand

Well, the kinda use NetBilling instead of CCBill meaning they don’t pay affiliates.
They will end up the same way Fratmen did.

They use NATS now.

I also got a DMCA takedown notice. It went straight to my host (Mojohost), not to me. It’s a 2:24 promo clip I got from them back in 2014.

That said, they didn’t personally send the DMCA - they seem to have hired DMCAForce to send them and clearly DMCAForce doesnt’ understand affiliates and freely distributed promo materials.

I don’t think they use NATS. At it says they use CCBill and MPA3.

Does anyone have the current email for affiliate correspondence? The last one I have is [email protected]

BTW, I started a thread on and folks there seem to know Mark Bauman - the guy sending the DMCA notices.

But at the end of the day the notices are completely unprofessional - a short video with an affiliate link next to it is clearly a legal use of the content. And involving the host when there’s a link on the page to my contact details is just wrong as well.

You’re right, it’s MP3.

Anyone having a problem with CorbinFisher DMCA’s should post in the thread on When I posted there it got resolved really quickly. Mark, who’s name is on the DMCA complaint has been in industry a long time and doesn’t want a reputation for bad faith DMCAs. So it’ll get resolved if you post there.

Glad I never bothered promoting Corbyn Fisher.
I seem to remember we had conversations here probably 5-10 years ago and a lot of affiliates dropped them for some nefarious business practices.
Can’t remember exactly what it was, but someone else probably has a better memory.

Thank you for sharing that link. The past couple of months, I’m spending way too much time sending DMCA counter notices to Google and to my host (almost daily). DMCA Force is by far the worst when it comes to sending false notices.

I have tried contacting DMCA Force several times but they simply ignore all emails.