What happened to PPVNetworks?

This sponsor on my sites has never sold well. But for the last three months there have been no sales at all. Considering that they have no rebills, this looks bleak.
How are your sales going?

Now their website has stopped working completely. Does anyone know what’s going on there?

The sites are still up from what I can see. But you are right there are no new sales since Feb, only rebills. I’m shutting off all traffic, I should have noticed this earlier.

There is a small notice from last year in the affiliate area:


Our primary focus for the recent past and foreseeable future is our flagship product, Raw Fuck Club. All other VOD and membership products are actively maintained, but they will be ultimately phased out, or in some cases, relaunched under the new platform. We encourage affiliates to phase out referrals to all sites other than Raw Fuck Club by the end of 2023.


The industry has evolved, and so have we. If you haven’t taken a look at RFC in a while, please check it out and acquaint yourself with our new model that features constantly updated channels from hundreds of independent producers.

In order to maintain our platform’s competitive edge while also adjusting for more demanding efficiencies of scale, we’ve also standardized and updated how affiliates are compensated.

The changes are as follows:

  • Pay-per-signup (PPS) is now $30 per signup across the board. It was previously $25-$35.
  • Revenue share is now 40% for initial purchases, and 20% for recurring purchases. It was previously 25-50%.

Other changes are more esoteric:

  • The waiting period before a user who has canceled or expired is eligible for affiliate referral is now 6 months. Previously there was no waiting period.
  • The concept of “user” for above waiting period is any of username, email address or credit card on a per-site basis

Thanks for letting us know, Diom. I just looked, actually, only rebills and no sales since February.

I had a reply from them, they are looking into it.

Yes, I even sent this topic to Damian and got an instant reply. Let’s hope they can figure out what’s wrong with sales tracking quickly.

According to Damian, there was actually an issue with sales tracking and they are working on the issue as well as the ability to retroactively track sales.

Just a quick heads up. There was indeed a bug in tracking new signups on our legacy system and we are fixing it, if its not fixed already. I’m working with my tech team to see about retroactively tracking users and missed revenues. We believe this is possible thanks to robust logging. We will do everything possible to make this right.

yes got the same reply. lets see.

The ppvnetworks.com website is still not working. And I didn’t find a page for webmasters on the rawfuckclub website. There is only a page for producers.

The address has been different for quite some time. Try that:

Thanks bgmen. This site is working.
I’m used to using the PPVNetworks website which worked until recently and became unavailable about 2 weeks ago.

Damian confirmed that they fixed the tracking issue on October 16th, and all missed sales have now been detected and are ready for payment. The missed sales are also now linked to our accounts so we don’t miss out on any rebills. Now, we can continue to promote Raw Fuck Club without worrying about anything unaccounted for.

sounds good, lets see.

I did see a new sale show up, so at least that’s working now.