Welcome to the New Forum Script

Welcome to the new GayDemon Forum. I finally managed to get rid of the old insecure piece of junk also known as vBulletin. I hope this will work better and from what I can see it does. I’m not terribly familiar with Discourse which this forum is using now so lets see. But do let me know if you encounter any problems or strange things. For example I know a lot of old posts are messed up with code, unfortunately there wasnt anything I could do when importing it from vbulletin.


Looks Great! Thanks for your hard work on this, and thanks for keeping this forum alive.

No problems, just hope it works ok. The issue might be password resets I think as all accounts would have to get a new password sent out.

Yes, I had to request a new password, but the system responded quickly with an email link and caused me no problems.

I love Discourse, well done on the move.

I can’t quite remember, on the old site was everything hidden to the public before registration? It seems it is open now - conscious decision? Might want to check that out, as a lot of us post our email addresses, knowing it is a closed forum.

I am not familiar with Discourse either, but damn… this looks sleek!

Thanks for keeping the forum alive.

Hi Bjorn. Thanks for helping me get back in.

The new script looks great. Good job. I’m somewhat familiar with Discord, but certainly no expert.

vBulletin had it’s day. Time to move on. :grinning:

I just requested new password, and got back in easy peasy!

Ok great, glad to hear it. I think the people who’s had issues have been down to old email addresses that no longer work.

It’s a bit of both. Discourse lacks a way to show topic titles but hiding the content which means you get a more or less blank site if you lock it down. But I’m looking at a plugin that might do it, however so far it’s not working and the plugin isn’t maintained any more.

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Password change worked! Looks like some fun new features on here. :sunny:

Way better!