VPN with static IP?

Im seeking a bit of advice on a VPN subscription. I’ve never used one, so Im needing to learn what I can actually do with one, but with my current situation and goals it seems that using one would make sense.

My IP is whitelisted for a lot of the tools and admin areas that I use, but even despite covid, I would like to have the capability to be mobile and work anywhere, so having a static IP would make sense.

Im looking for something that will provide:

  • A static IP address that I can take with me
  • Something that will provide for a level of privacy for travelling
  • Something that doesnt involve working through a browser portal (I should be able to add credentials on my laptop).

Extra - On occasion, I have to test ads in different geo regions than the one that I am located in. Does anyone know of a service that provides for all of the above but also has nodes in different places that I can spoof my location and see how banners are displaying?

Ive never seen one with a static IP, thats one of the problems for me as well. My servers are locked down to access from only certain IPs.

The one I use occasionally is VPN Express.

I use F-Secure’s Freedome, and it does let me jump from area to area. It isn’t fully static, but it is pretty consistent. I believe they have a free 5 day trial. I use the area jump a lot to view the news back home that is blocked to me because I am in the EU. We did road test it last year from the states as well. Overall, pretty happy with it.

Thanks!! I’ll look into it.

I use Airvpn (airvpn.org). They have software clients for just about every operating system that exists. They have servers in many countries around the globe (each named after a star or constellation) and every server has a static IP address. So, if you always choose a specific server you will have a static IP address. You can then tell your hosting company to whitelist that IP address so that only you can access your login pages.

I like Airvpn because they are transparent and they don’t keep logs. That means you can do anything you want to do (except spamming I suppose). Their security is military grade and they use OpenVPN protocol (UDP and TCP). Unfortunately, I don’t think they have a free plan, but their monthly plans are pretty cheap, and I think they also offer 3-day trial.

Thanks Ben!!

That actually sounds ideal. I’ll check them out.