Unable to do Paxum windrawals?

Anyone been able to do a withdrawal recently from Paxum? I’ve tried both Wire and EFT (european) transfer and both gives error message “Your account is not allowed to send payments to third parties”. I tried on both my company and personal account, both gives the same message.

Not a great way to start 2021…

I read they have introduced a live chat that works better than ticket. Maybe give it a try?

It sounds like something related to KYC stuff.

I got it to work now. They changed something and now the account you transfer has to use exactly the same name including middle names to go through.

Ugh. Paxum. I’ve resisted them forever, but needed to get money from a sponsor where that was the only option. It doesn’t look like they’ll do business with me. My company’s address that’s registered with the State of NY is a PO Box (PO Boxes in the US require identity confirmation – so they’re not sketchy). Anyway, they refuse to let you enter a PO Box as an address and so there’s no way to confirm my business address. That’s just one of many issues. The other big one was that there’s no way to confirm place of business if you work from a home office since there’s no rental contract, no utility bills (and bank statements go to the PO Box).

For god’s sake…I’ve been incorporated for 12 years now and everyone I do business with likes me (AFAIK). I bank with one of the biggest banks in the US that’s done full KYC checks on me. But none of that is enough for Paxum.

as i recall, paxum made it complex for businesses when they stopped doing business with u.s. personal accounts. it probably wasn’t so much paxum as u.s. money laundering rules for banking, but we moved on from them, and we were a business user.

good luck getting your payment.

maybe you will need resend all your documents, happen to me last month and now work fine again.

No worked fine for me by just adding the bank details again. They changed their system. Bank name and account name has to be exactly the same and I didn’t have my middle name on the bank details.