Top Bucks Closing

In case you haven’t already heard Top Bucks is closing… It appears as they are paying out all their affiliates before doing so which is a pleasant surprise :slight_smile: I received my final payment today.

If you have any questions for them I’ve had luck reaching Iris at this email address irisb [at]


Did they say anything more about the closure?

I just asked them if it was true or not. Here is their response:

Yes it is true, we have closed shop for Topbucks. It has been something we have considered doing for a while now and finally decided it was time.

I’d be curious to know the story of the final 10 years or so of them. They were, at one time, maybe the biggest affiliate program and collection of paysites with a great reputation among their affiliate base. Perhaps they just couldn’t, or wouldn’t roll with the changes when tubes came around.