Tim Tales Affiliate Payments

Has anyone been paid from Tim Tales for Epoch sales prior to the NATS install (9/3/16 - 10/30/16)?

It’s now December and I haven’t been paid a dime. The last time I was in touch with Grobes was on 11/16 when he told me he was in the middle of doing a shoot and would get on it as soon as he returned. I haven’t heard a peep since and my emails have gone unanswered.


PS. Just now I submitted a message via NATS as well to see if I hear something that way.

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I think in his case it’s ok to allow some extra time. He’s trying his best, unlike others I’m sure he will pay.

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Epoch pulled the rug out from under its small producers when it stopped paying affiliates directly.
They are a good company, though, and I have no concerns about getting paid - it’s a one-man shop for the most part.

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Am I right in thinking that the old Epoch links still work, so I don’t have to go through and change them all to the new Tim Tales nats? Thanks

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I got this from them a bit over a week ago…

Dear Affiliate of Timtales.com

We finally decided to make our payouts for you by PayPal.
Could you please enter your PayPal details in your Timtales Nats account. Let me know when this is done and I will go ahead and send you the money.

Kind regards,

I’m not happy about PayPal. The fees are really high.

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Yes sadly the fees are rather high however it’s quite handy for us outside the US as wire fees are quite high too.

Does anyone have contact info for Tim Tales?

Haven’t used it in awhile but this is what I have: contact [at] timtales.com

Thanks for the help.

We switched over to their NATs link as soon as Epoch pulled however long ago now.
The NATs program functions perfectly and they pay out every month just after the first of the next month. So December was paid out on Jan 4. Clockwork.

I have nothing but respect and support for Grobes (and Tim). He’s an extraordinarily hard worker and pretty much does all shooting, editing, site updates, affiliate program and payouts single handedly.