The State of This Industry, Covid

Hello everyone.

I’ve been out of this industry for some time, but was considering starting a blog or site to possibly create a small, supplemental income.

Is it worth it? Has the pandemic boosted sales at all, with people spending more time at home?

After browsing several recent posts here it would appear as though there aren’t many trustworthy/worthy sponsors to choose from.

Thanks for the feedback,

I have seen no boost in sales, steady as she goes I would say. It seems harder to find content to promote sites (totally understandable) as there is a lot of recycling and bought content. I get the impression there is a bit of a panic from some studios who are clearly struggling, and we are probably due a kull/non payment period. I have always viewed my site as a hobby with a financial benefit, so aim for a steady long term supplemental income rather than huge bucks in the short term.

I think most studios are reliable and trustworthy and we just have to try our best to get through this. My day job is in health and social care and reading the intel we are in for worse to come. Personal finances are going to be hit hard in the coming months as the economic damage magnifies. I would say if the product is good it’s worth setting down some roots as long as the startup costs are absorbable for the short/medium term.

Friends all keep asking, are you not doing very well now with Covid… people stuck at home watching porn. And the answer I give them is no, it’s not improved anything at all if anything possibly worse. It’s so hard to tell what’s going on now days. I can say it’s not a good time to start up a blog or any affiliate site now. You won’t make much sales, there isn’t much traffic and people are not spending much.

Hi KJ,

Welcome back, I remember you from years back!

The first two months of the pandemic when everyone was on lockdown were record months for us. Since then, sales have certainly slowed but (knock on wood) remained steady. We are fortunate to have some studios in Asia where our studios are able to continue filming. We’ve also had to do some trading between studios since some Producers have had difficulty finding models. The good news is that we also have some studios starting to film again, with Covid and full panel testing for models and crew now provided by Talent Testing in the USA. It will be easier for everyone to sell new porn than recycled material, obviously, so hopefully that will start helping people’s sales.

In closing, I would say if you have the extra time and affiliate blogging is something you enjoy doing, go for it! As long as you don’t expect to get rich off it overnight and are willing to put in the time to making a quality blog, I think you have nothing to lose.

Good luck to you,

It’s the worst ever People are not spending money. Everyone is trying to cut back on everything, including porn. There’s too much free stuff out there to get them off. All the tube sites are sucking us dry. Sales are down for me and I am trying to cut expenses wherever I can. I hope the light at the end of the tunnel comes soon. Stay strong, and stay safe everyone.

By early May, we peaked out at an increase of 17%. Then it slid back down until about late July and stabilized again. We are still up 5% since mid March in total members. All things considered with so many people out of work or getting reduced income, its better than I expected it to be this deep into things.

Thanks for the feedback, folks.

I wasn’t planning on getting rich from it, as that hasn’t been practical for years. At least, not for me.

I’ll ponder a personal site or blog with a slight monetary side to it. I’m transitioned from male to female now, so perhaps some hot stories? Yes, I know that’s not considered gay, but it’s still adult and this is the best adult webmaster board that I can recall. All the others are shady af.

Is there any chance of me changing my username?

Congratulations on your transition! Our employee Andie went through a similar transition a couple of years ago and she is so much happier now.

For your name change, I’d DM Bjorn (GayDemon) with what you want to change it to. I might possibly be able to do it with my Moderator access if I dug around but don’t want to end up breaking something .

Congratulations!!! Good luck with your new site.

Thank you for the further feedback and support on my transition, both of you. I am definitely a much happier person, now.

I will DM Bjorn regarding my name change.

Judging from the photo in your Avatar, you look great!!

Sounds good, looks like he got it fixed up for you.

Awww, thank you Danny. You always were sweet.

Yep, Bjorn changed my name (thanks again, Bjorn!).

I go by either Jacinda or Cinda. The short form is for those who can’t remember Jacinda. Which happens a lot.

Interesting times :stuck_out_tongue: