The Insurrection Hunk

I’m still in shock from the attack on the U.S. Capital this week but as a gay porn blogger I must admit that one of the insurrectionists caught my eye, the hairy shirtless hunk with the horned hat. He seemed to be in every photo and video. Seems like the kind of dude you’d find on The Guy Site. Maybe they should make him a modeling offer and have him fucked by someone in a Trump mask. :slight_smile:

Who Is Jake Angeli? The Horned Man From the Capitol May Look Familiar

Here’s more info on his identity:

That’s a really disgusting thought.

The dude is vile. All of them should be sent away for a very, very long time for what they did and for what they’re still planning on doing. If they had any other skin tone they would have been shot dead the moment they tried to enter.


Seriously, I was really hoping no one would go there, but deep down I knew someone on here would go there. Hope your happy you win! :angry:

Lets just see how long it takes before someone tries to earn a buck off the Proud Boys. :roll_eyes:

Of course it’s vile and absolutely terrible, the difference between the black lives demonstrations and the storming of the capital are obvious for everyone to see. It really showed the rest of the world how racist and unfair the US really is. However that’s not what’s asked here. I get what Naked means, that guy did stand out and I noticed him for the same reason. You can be a creep and sexy at the same time, we should know that by now working in porn.