Staxus links not working

My Staxus and My Dirtiest Fantasy affiliate links are giving database errors. Since they dropped their commissions and stopped sending promo emails, I no longer add new content to my blogs, but am wondering now if I should just pull the plug on them completely.

The issues you present just started tonight… Seen them in the past a couple times but they come back online; usually in less than 24 hours.

But I agree, ever since they dropped commissions things seem to be a mess… These type errors are much more frequent, they release new content on their tours with broken videos and there hasn’t been any descriptive text for a LONG time…

As for “My Dirtiest Fantasy”, tour trailers can be over 200MB for a 2 minute video :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: Does that help with conversions?

It’s obvious to me (speculating) that since they dropped affiliate commissions they have also cut costs elsewhere… Affiliates, Technical Support and Descriptive Text…

Such a shame cause the content is great!


thanks for the reply

Links seems to be working now.

As mentioned, its become difficult to promote them not just because of a much lower commission but also not getting affiliate content. It’s such a shame, great content and big collection of it. Lowering commission is just going to hurt them, can’t see them recover from this.

I did have a conversation with them when they made the changes. They were pretty resolute that they were doing the right thing, they wouldn’t change their minds and that they would come out of this stronger.

I did disagree and try to explain that no one would promote them without content or decent commission…looks like things are not going to plan.

I had exactly the same conversation with them as you did, clearly got the same response too. I don’t think they care any more, it’s as if the will to continue is gone.

It really is a shame. I enjoyed working with Andrei at Staxus so much when I was brought on to help build the blog. I wasn’t aware of a lot of data but the information I did see showed remarkable growth over those few years and I would confidently say they were on track to reach the status of Bel Ami or Helix.
Then Andrei left, not on great terms as I understand it, and everything started to decline very quickly.

I occasionally check in on the blog just out of curiosity. It’s such a shame they let that community we built just die. We had readers coming back every day for info about new models, new videos arriving, competitions, interviews, all kinds of behind-the-scenes content. We made it a fun hub for readers to visit and it was getting great organic traffic too, then they just stopped everything in its tracks.

I don’t know where Andrei is now but they were so stupid to let him go, it really feels like he was the one driving the entire company and once he left it all started to fall apart.