SpunkU Is the Place To Spew!


We are very excited to announce the newest site in our affiliate program, SpunkU! This website is guaranteed to convert for your twink, gay for pay and college boy traffic. The premise of the site is that “SpunkU” stands for “Spunk University” - A college where guys new to the industry come to get “Schooled” on how to become a porn star! We’ve got some sizzling hot and fresh new content that is selling like flapjacks! Grab your links and promotional content in our affiliate area and start promoting SpunkU.com today!

[SIZE=3]Site Preview Trailer[/SIZE]

[SIZE=3]Introducing Trevor Stone[/SIZE]

[SIZE=3]Boi Chino[/SIZE]

[SIZE=3]Montante Steel[/SIZE]

[SIZE=3]Marcus Rivers[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]You won’t believe the kind of naughty “curriculum” we’ve got in store for these boys.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=1][SIZE=2]As a part of our new site launch, we have decided to discontinue the StraightMenXXX website. You can still link to the site, but it will no longer be updating. We recommend affiliates change their promotions from StraightMenXXX to SpunkU.com, as we have already found the new site SpunkU site is converting better. We apologize for this inconvenience, but we feel SpunkU is a much more creative concept that is going to make more money for everyone. You can grab new SpunkU content from the affiliate admin online.[/SIZE]






Re: SpunkU Is the Place To Spew!

We did well with Straight Men XXX, we’ll definitely take a swing at this one.

Re: SpunkU Is the Place To Spew!

Congratulations on the new site launch. By the way, I like the photos you included here.

Re: SpunkU Is the Place To Spew!

That you did and we appreciate your continued support. If you need anything in the way of custom promo content, let me know. You can email me [email protected] or contact me through Twitter @GayPornResource.

If that doesn’t work, tell DarkHog to give me a swift kick in the *ss lol

Re: SpunkU Is the Place To Spew!

Thank you Bjorn. I spoke with Michael about reviewing the site. I think he added it to the list of “to do’s” for you.

As for photos, I have these type of pics available to affiliates if they would prefer. I have your standard porn pics as well, but try to mix them up a little when sending out the promo content. Like everything else, they work for some but not for everyone.

Affiliates are welcome to contact me anytime with special requests.

Re: SpunkU Is the Place To Spew!

We’re really excited about this site, it’s a really fun theme and “oldschool” has been busy shooting some awesome content and very sexy boys for us. Hope you can all try it out! :slight_smile:

Re: SpunkU Is the Place To Spew!

Congrats on the site although at first glance I thought it was “SpankU”, a spanking site. Got to get my glasses adjusted!

Re: SpunkU Is the Place To Spew!

It’s a really nice site, and love the guys Congrats on the addition!

I must ask who came up with “SpunkU is the Place to Spew” I don’t know if this has a different meaning in the US but in the UK this means be sick or vomit, which I found quite amusing to say the least, I assume it refers to cumming! Although when I think back to my unidays vomit spewing was a big part of the experience with a little too much alcohol consumed… Maybe that was the double entendre you were aiming for… Anyways ignore me because its a great site, and great to see some new additions after a year of what has felt like everyone was closing down!

Re: SpunkU Is the Place To Spew!

Hey Daniel, yes indeed, the word “spew” is definitely “old school” terminology. Not to mention it works well in the slogan LOL

In this case, the boys are spewing cum for sure :cool: