Segpay Affiliate Program

Does anyone promote any sites using Segpay Affiliate program? I never got it to work and they also seem to require a lot documentation including my passport.

Funny you ask… I was just talking to a site owner yesterday who is on SegPay.

It’s a new site with little content and from what I can see in SegPay’s FAQ the minimum payout is $1000.00 although when setting up the affiliate account for the new site it asked what I would like for minimum payout and they offered $250.00 Not a good sign when there is conflicting information right from the get go… I have sent them a support request asking for clarification.

With that said yes they seem to want a shit ton of paperwork (Which I haven’t provided as of yet) and their system seems very convoluted. I can’t even figure out how to get link codes.

I remember when Champ Robinson switched to Vision X he went to SegPay for a bit. I told him my frustrations there and he ended up switch from them to CCBill. Thank god…

So anyway back to the webmaster I was talking to yesterday… I expressed to him my same frustrations I shared with Champ Robinson and he also said he plans on going to CCBill and NATS… He just went with SegPay because it sounds like they make it super easy on the Sponsors side… The affiliate side is an entirely different beast.

I more than likely won’t go to all the work to get the SegPay account setup because I’m not even sure if I can make $250 from this one sponsor to make it worth it let alone $1000.00… If more sponsors used it then I could make the math work but not with one small sponsor just starting.

Sorry for the ramble…


Thanks for sharing. Now I remember yes it was the same problem with Vision X.

I’m guessing we’re talking about the same sponsor. What you said makes a lot of sense too me, just not worth the hassle as the sales will probably be too low. Sure, if it’s on ccbill happy to do it.

Just a quick follow up…

It’s been over a week and I never did hear back from Segpay in regards to the questions I had about their platform. I know they received the questions because I received a confirmation email.

All the more reason I’m not interested in moving forward with becoming an affiliate using their system.

Yes I’m skipping it as well. There’s enough problems getting paid from larger “normal” programs.

Honestly, we started phasing them out a while ago. (Years actually) For us it was always a huge pain to do simple things like setup price points. I shouldn’t need to email your tech team multiple times to get one price point setup. Not when I have 20 sites I need to set it up on. Don’t get me started on the hell we had with their join pages and them listing every price point you have in their system. So we’d have users clicking they wanted a $25.00 join option for 30days/recurring, but their join page would list EVERY price an let the user pick which one they wanted.

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