Problem with Gamma affiliate manager

Ever since Michael Nudleman was appointed as my affiliate manager for Buddyprofits and Famedollars, I have been having big problems with him and I have been virtually unable to change anything which is related to their program.

Yesterday, I was unable to change myself the minimum payout amount in my Buddyprofits dashboard, because their system displays some kind of error when I try to save the changes. There is a note below that I should contact them at [email protected] in case I have difficulties with this change, which I did yesterday. In the email I explained my issue in great detail. I promptly received an automatic reply that they would look into my issue and reply as soon as possible. Well, now after 24 hours I still haven’t received a reply from them. I sent a similar message to Michael on his Skype yesterday, and even though Skype says that he was seen three hours ago, there was no reply there either.

Does anybody know anyone else on buddyprofits whom I could contact regarding the change of my minimum payout amount? Also, is it possible to change your affiliate manager for Buddyprofits?

maybe try [email protected]


This Michael with Gamma, and I am sorry to hear you are having issues.

I am usually available and try to answer as fast as I can, and you can always reach me via email or Skype: [email protected]

I check these on a regular basis.

For issues like changing minimum payment amounts you can direct those to me, for any payment issues and to change your payment type (wire, paxum, check) you will need to go to [email protected]

For technical Issues you can email [email protected], but I manage that as well.

I am sorry that you feel you did not receive prompt service, I will try to help you with your situation as best I can.

Due to the fact that I do manage multiple affiliates, please allow up to 24 - 48 hours for a resolution and I appreciate your understanding.


I’ve been waiting for a replacement check for months, it never arrives, they say it’s been sent, but it never comes.

They haven’t even sent mine lol. I feel like they might need someone different in their accounting department.

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We have sent the check to the correct address and even confirmed that it was sent, and verified where we were sending the check.

We will check once again, as we do want to make sure you get paid, and will try our best to see what the issue is.

Thanks for your patience,


Thanks!!! Hopefully it arrives soon.


Your Payout and the replacement check has been signed and sent, so you should receive them shortly.

Please Skype me once you can confirm that the checks are in your hands, we are extremely sorry about the delay and want to get this resolved.