No more PPS for Buddyprofits?

I always use PPS link code for buddyprofits as they don’t convert well for me. But it seems buddyprofits silently disabled PPS link code recently without a notice.

I had a sale of ragingstallion on Feb 17th. The payout was $0.5
I had another sale on menover30 on Feb 20th. The payout was $7.48

Obviously the payout was calculated by REV even if I still use PPS link code. Did anyone notice this change? Do I have to change link codes from PPS to REV in case they may not pay the rebills?

We still do payout PPS.

There are however a few reasons some sales might be paid as revshare even if you use PPS link code.

  1. You opted-in to a promo that doesn’t support PPS. (we ran a Free week promo last week, if you didn’t opt-in with Derrick you shouldn’t have had this)
  2. The customer used a pre-paid card to pay.
  3. The customer comes from a country where we don’t support PPS (supported countries are in our terms)

You can contact [email protected] to investigate specific details for these transactions.