Need help: ACH (US Bank) to PayPal

Happy New Year, folks!

I haven’t posted in a while so I hope everyone is well.

I need help from any member with a US bank account.

Here’s my situation: CCBill sent us an ACH payout to a closed bank account before we could change our payment method. We’re now based overseas so we can’t open a US bank account anytime soon. As per CCBill rules, they can only resend the money using the same payment method. Any active US bank account that accepts ACH would do. The amount is only $502.93. You take $150 and send us the rest via PayPal or Paxum. This is a one-time transaction.

Small amount but we don’t want to waste this money so I hope somebody can help us.

Thank you,

Hi Dean

Where are you guys based? Send me a DM, I might be able to help.


Try epayservices they offer ACH account for Europeans. Then you can send further as SEPA to your bank.

Hello Michael, thank you for stepping up to help. I can’t DM you here for some reason. Maybe because I haven’t posted in a while. I got a message from another member. I will post an update here.

Thank you for the recommendation, webrut. Will look into that.

TrustPilot reviews of EpayServices are terrible –

no problems with them for the last 6 years I use them.