Mastercard Ends Card Use on Pornhub

Wow this is pretty shocking. Exactly why they made a bunch of changes.

Yes just read it. Will be interesting to see how this plays out. Visa next?

Finally their business ethics catching up with them.

VISA now joined and blocked pornhub:

Wow that is pretty crazy to lose both.

So the consensus elsewhere seems to be that the other big tube sites will also have their credit card processing terminated for the same reasons. And then the attention will turn to OnlyFans and their competitors.

If you mix videos uploaded by unvetted users (that you don’t charge for) with videos uploaded by vetted/trusted producers (that you do charge for), you’re in for a world of hurt. That’s pretty much the tube site model. And then OnlyFans would be next because they really only vet the producer, not all the models in the videos the producer uploads.

If OnlyFans gets hit sites like PPV’s RawFuckClub and BlackBreeders could come out the winners because they’re basically pay/vod sites with fans-like features. Because they’re pay/vod sites every video gets reviewed, which means they don’t have issues with illegal content.

Yes I was thinking of OnlyFans too, they are hosts like the tube sites who have absolutely no control or idea of who or what gets posted. All these porn stars posting their homemade stuff with god knows who in it. There’s no checking as far as I know. That would surely also open them up for lawsuits if that bill goes through… vengeful ex-boyfriends and lovers…

I post on OF and they required a 2257 for every scene, but they don’t police everyone.

So apparently if the price you paid for PornHub Premium only gave you the premium content on, then they might not be in trouble right now because the premium site is better policed with generally clean/legal content. The problem is the membership also gives you ad-free viewing of non-premium content on Because part of the money is related to, Visa/MC care about what’s on So MindGeek basically created the vulnerability.

Maybe that will protect them then.

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I always thought the porn biz was big enough to create their own credit card as an alternative to Visa, MC, Discover, etc. I know it’s a big enterprise but considering the dollars that flow into the adult industry I would think the big companies could join together to do this. Of course there might be a stigma associated with such a card. Husbands would have to explain the new bills the wife sees in the mail. To get beyond that, maybe call it something like the “Freedom Card” or “1st Amendment Card”, a card you use to buy anything legal, from porn to weed to gambling.

The issue is the interface of that card to the rest of the banking/financial system. IMHO, the card will be black-balled and you won’t be able to transfer money to or from the card. Maybe if we go back to writing physical checks. But who wants to have plan ahead, send in a check, and wait for it to clear, all to watch porn?

Its where I think in future we may see more crypto currency based transactions for porn to be honest… no footprint for the wife to find ect