Lloyd has passed away

Those of you who knew / worked with Lloyd Cox… (He worked at Stunner, ZBucks, Intense Cash, etc) I just got a call from his husband letting me know that Lloyd died three weeks ago, on the 3rd. His ashes are being buried in Maine on the 30th.

I’m gonna miss him.

If you’d like to give in his memory, his husband asks that donations be made to OutMaine.org.

Oh that’s horrible news, RIP Lloyd. It’s been years since I have spoke to him. Any cause of death? Thanks for letting us know.

Unfortunately it was suicide.

That’s terrible news. So sorry to hear that.

Years ago we used to chat regularly day but then he disappeared and didn’t hear anything from or about him.

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Oh no this is terrible. So sorry.

Wow, I think I worked with Lloyd for most of the first half of 2000s, but sadly haven’t spoken to him in a long time.


Thanks for letting us know Jay. Definitely sad news as Lloyd was one of the good guys in the industry. RIP Lloyd


WOW I am so sad. Thanks for letting us know. I worked very closely with him for a couple years, a hard-dedicated worker. He always strived to do more and would self-directed on so many awesome ideas. I loved our conversations at the Phoenix Forum shows. He will truly be missed. :cry:


Very sad. Always good conversations with him. RIP Lloyd.

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Oh wow, I’m so sad to hear this news. I have many fond memories of Lloyd, he was a always very helpful with advice since I started in the industry and a wonderful person with a great heart once you got to know him. When he was our Affiliate Manager, he hosted me at his apartment in New York during gay pride and I had one of the most fun, memorable weekends of my life. Like others, when he left the industry several years ago we kind of lost contact and I haven’t heard from him in several years. I know he was always battling some demons and I’m just sorry to hear he took his own life. I hope he’s resting in a better place now.


Like others here I would talk with him nearly every day and then he started to drift away. I wasn’t sure if he’d left the business, but it explains his absenteeism on the boards.

He will be missed.

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This is such awful news.

I used to speak to Lloyd almost every day when I was managing GayTube. He was hilarious and welcoming and taught me a lot about the business.

I remember the first time that I ever visited NYC we went to Gym for drinks, we could barely hear each other but we had a riot, and I laughed the whole time. He invited me to his 4th of July open house, and I was thrilled to be in such a welcoming space among so many friendly welcoming people. I still think of him often.

Lloyd was a class act, and he will be missed.

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That’s so sad. I’m sorry to hear that.

I remember talking to him daily during the ICQ days. He was a fun, helpful and creative guy.

RIP Lloyd

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Terrible news.
Lloyd was a lovely chap I communicated with quite a lot in my first years in the business, I remember him being a very prominent member of the forum for quite some time.
My thoughts to his partner and extended family.
He will be missed.

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Lloyd helped me get started in this industy nearly 20 years ago and I am shocked and sad. He was a good friend and I regret that we lost touch when he moved from Boston to NYC but out of the blue, after not speaking for almost 5 years, Lloyd called me about 2 months ago and we had a great conversation and I am grateful we connected one last time. He will be missed!


Wow…what horrible news. I’ve worked Lloyd with IntenseCash and with Zbuckz, I haven’t been in touch with him since he left the industry. I know he has always had issues and was battling a lot of demons, but Lloyd was a good guy and very smart. RIP Lloyd.