In memory of Dell Douglas

Hey everyone,

It is with deep sadness today that we have lost someone near and dear to many of us in the gay adult industry. Dell Douglas (or we called him, “Doug”) has worked for us in the zbuckz family for over 10 years as an Editor, Photographer, Director and Affiliate Manager. It goes without saying that his passing his a huge loss for us, not only as a worker but also as a great friend and confidant.

His greatest joy in life was Photography, and we often talked about how we need to publish a book of his amazing work. I hope someday we can make that happen. I’ll leave you guys with a few of his recent photos, which I am sure is how he’d want to be remembered.

Sorry to hear about your loss. RIP!

Thank you Mark! We’re all going to miss him.

Oh no, I’m so sorry to hear this Danny. I remember Doug posting at this forum quite a lot over the years and Doug always had interesting things to say and informative things to share. I know Doug worked very hard and I always see his name on the affiliate mailers you guys out and I will miss seeing his name on them. I’m so glad Doug was involved in an industry he was passionate about and he was very talented. Thank you for including some of his recent photographs in this post. I do hope you can publish a book of his beautiful work someday, that would be a wonderful way to remember him. RIP Doug.

I’m so sorry to hear he’s passed away.

Oh that is such a shame. Such a nice guy. I have fond memories of having lunch at The Phoenix Forum one year. So sorry to hear that news.

Sorry Danny…Doug was a very nice man and sorry he passed away, he was one of the good guys in this business. RIP!

I express my greatest condolences at the bad news. May Doug rest in peace.

Oh wow. I knew Doug when he was working for Dependanet. About 10 years ago now. We DM’ed each other because he needed some web development work done and we’ve been keeping in contact since. Because of our age difference, I called him Grandpa as a joke and I would call him couple times a year and greet him with: “Just checking in to see if Grandpa was still alive and kicking.” before shooting the shit for an hour or so. He didn’t answer the last 2 times I called to see how he was doing and now I know why. May he rest in peace.

Really sad to hear, Doug help me in past. It’s a friend who is leaving
RIP Doug

Thank you so much everyone, I am sure he would appreciate all your comments and memories (and have some hilarious comeback for y’all).

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I’m so sorry to hear this, he was a lovely guy and a pleasure to work with.
Love and hugs to your team, you’ll be missing this bright light.

I didn’t know him but I am sorry for your loss. His photography looks amazing. Is there somewhere we can see more of it?

OMG, so sad to hear… Sorry for your lose… Dough was one of the most responsive and helpful affiliate representatives I’ve ever worked with and will surely be missed…

So sorry to hear of Doug’s passing. I know you’ll miss having him around.

Hi Scott, the best place to see his Photography is the website he produced content for us on,

My condolences.