Im back! (Again!)


I think that most of you would remember me. I used to be GayTube Simon before Manwin MindGeek AdultForce acquired the site. I also worked for Squirt and a few other sites after that.

I have been out of the adult biz for a while, but I am back, and have taken on a role helping out with LPSG. It’s nice to be in this work again, and I am reaching out to say hey, and get caught up on what’s been happening in the past few years.

How nice to see all of you again!

Hey Simon nice to see you here. I hope all is well. :smiley:

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Welcome back. Perhaps you can tell us more about LPSG?

Welcome back Simon and good luck with your new job at LPSG.

I only recently noticed that LPSG is owned by Gamma Entertainment. Did they acquire the site recently or have I just been sleeping? :wink:

LPSG ( Large Penis Support Group)

yes I’ve seen the site… but… well I don’t quite understand it. It’s just a forum about men with gay cocks?

LPSG was started I think in 2001. Yes, it is a discussion forum.

The original concept and name on was supposed to be a bit of an ironic joke, but the site ended up being a useful platform for sharing info and advice. Since then, use has grown to over 1M members, and has grown to encompass ‘all things dick related’ including discussion of performers, influencers, etc…

Membership is mixed (gay/straight/bi, men/women/trans people), so it’s not gay-centric by any means.

Shap (Twistys, GayTube back when I worked for him), bought the site in early 2019.

How is Lloyd doing? Do you ever still speak with him?

Welcome back, hoping perhaps I can pick up a pearl of wisdom or two from you along the way myself in order to make my sites more successful, and to better monetize, and more on what not to do.

I have been operating adult sites as a solo webmaster for a little over six years, but that being said, considering their age,metrics (DA/PA TF/CF) traffic and AD Revenue all being great I can’t help it feel that they should be further along than i have gotten them, And that I must have made a lot more mistakes that even I don’t see yet or missed out on valuable opportunities or perhaps to them that I’m aware of.
granted, each of these six sites launched with a $0 marketing budget ( literally just my own SEO efforts and social) but still. Lol there has to be something that I missed anyway I digress that’s way off topic now welcome back, I’m grateful to see veteran webmasters who have actually either launched or worked on sites with enough of a reputation to where it’s more likely than not that everybody reading this would have heard of them before.

It sounds uncharacteristically elitist of me as I reread what I just typed, But it is actually quite reassuring IMO.

How interesting, nice to see something different from your normal tube site doing well.

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That sounds like the way to go about it! Solid foundations don’t usually take much, and the money does well to be invested into ones’ products rather than traffic acquisition. It’s tough out there, but if you build it, they will come.

The rest of it has a lot to do with being able to pivot as things change, watching trends, and yes - being in the right place at the right time. IMO Imagination is key in this business.

Are you promoting short guys as a niche? (I LOVE compact men)

Hey Simon welcome (back)!
Congrats on joining the LPSG team

I’d love to chat and explore biz opportunities :slight_smile:
shoot me a message - [email protected][.com]
Skype: paperlouie

GayTube Simon! I remember you. That tube sent us lots of sales way back when. You left and gaytube went to crap. Good to see you here again.

Yeah, it really did. It was painful to watch from the sidelines. :frowning:

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Yes, gaytube was an odd one. Starting out as something huge and then now ending up with just a massive amount of spam. Very odd how they let it just get ruined.

It was as big fish, that became a small fish in a much bigger pond :frowning:

That and I took my “secret recipe” with me when I left.

Very nice that you joined back up with the old band, and working on LPSG. Glad to see you back.

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Welcome Back Simon. Congrats on LPSG. Good to see you around again.