How is everyone doing?

It’s been a little while since I last checked in here. I need to get back into being a little more active on the forum.

I thought I’d just see how everyone is doing?
I hope you’re all well and staying busy, making the most of this crappy year and looking forward to better times ahead.

Share some good news if you have any, or just check in and let everyone else know you’re good. :slightly_smiling_face:

Doing okay - not bad, and not great. I am eternally grateful I no longer live in the US, and that gratitude grows every day. I do stay very busy with building my galleries, making my TGP network grow, a bit of grunt webmaster work on the side, and a bit of needlework.

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Keeping busy is good, I think. I had thought I might become more productive but I seem to be a little less focused than usual. Not entirely sure why but I suppose anxiety isn’t good for the creative process.

I can understand why you’d be happy you’re not in the US now. What an awful mess things are. We’re not doing too great here in the UK but at least Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have their priorities right.

Not only are we dealing with a virus pandemic, this year has revealed we have a long-running pandemic of idiocy we’re going to need to deal with in the future, too.

Thanks for replying Pyewacket! I’m not sure if we’ve chatted here before but it’s been a while since I was active so perhaps I’m just being forgetful. Either way, good to know you’re good. :+1:

I’m good, quietly working away at some new things but nothing revolutionary. Porn business seems a bit dead, little new coming out at the moment with the virus and all.

I had wondered what companies would be doing during all this but I’ve been quite surprised how successfully so many of them have navigated it. The European studios have been quite good. I just hope many of them learned from the experiences at the start and used their weeks between lockdowns to build a stockpile ready for the inevitable second wave.

Glad you’re okay Bjorn, and well done on the new look forum!

We’ve been releasing some brand new content on CumClub alongside some older releases & chugging along pretty steadily through the pandemic. It’s all been received quite well by members.

Aaron and I have been traveling the U.S., living on the road full-time for the last 2.5 years. It’s been an amazing experience and we’re considering doing the same in Europe once everything settles down.

We’re working on a new project, mostly just fun for now, that will incorporate some of our travels into our videos. We’ll see as we’re just now starting to put some focus on it. We just have a temporary site now but it’ll live at www.FullFrontal.Life

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I too haven’t been active on the board for some time. A couple of years, actually, during which time I have been writing gay romance novels under my pen name, Jackson Marsh.

I’ve still been working on reviews for AdultReviews, PornInspector and others, but as GayDemon says, there’s less going on right now, fewer new sites to review, so proper paid work is becoming harder to come by. It’s a bit of a worry, but my husband has picked up some regular work updating three review sites which is helping.

We’ve just gone back into another lockdown here in Greece, as the holiday season has finished, and we’re currently celebrating the result of the US election along with a good proportion of the world, I expect.

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As of yesterday when Biden was announced as the next President of the United States, I’m feeling MUCH BETTER! I didn’t realize how tense I was, but it was like a massive weight was lifted off my shoulders.

Now we get to see just how much of a shithead Trump will be about packing up his ass and vacating the white house. He either concedes and makes a peaceful exit, or he gets evicted, compliments of the US Military.

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Hi Seth! Good to see you back again. Sounds like you’ve been on quite the adventure, I can only imagine how that’s changed these last few months.
I’ve been thinking about several new projects too but timing has never seemed right. It’s been a little tough to find the motivation this year with all the distractions going on.
Looking forward to checking out what you guys are doing, though!
Glad you’re staying well and happy, not an easy feat in these times lol

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The election has certainly been a highlight here in the UK, a nice distraction from a lot of what’s been happening, even if it was the most stressful few days. We’re not out of the woods yet, of course, but it seems like things might finally be moving in the right direction.
I know what you mean about work being hard to come by. I’m quite lucky that I have some great clients I’ve worked with for about ten years, and we have a few side projects to keep us going, but things have been very sporadic over the last 12 months.
I have little doubt things will get better in 2021. You likely have a big boost in tourism coming to Greece next season as people try to make up for what they’ve missed.

I almost want to see him being physically dragged out of the White House, but at the same time I know how much damage he could do before then so it would probably be better if he just conceded and people started jumping ship. I think we all knew the raging shitgibbon wouldn’t go quietly, now it’s a matter of controlling the chaos as much as possible.

I really think he might flee the country over Christmas, though. Pence can’t pardon him for everything and SDNY is coming for his assets the moment he’s out.

I knew I was stressed about it for the last few years, barely able to focus on wok at times. Like you, when it was announced I felt a massive weight lifting. Although the big bottle of Jack Daniel’s probably helped with that lol

Did you see the front pages of newspapers across the US and of other nations!!! There were bells ringing, fireworks displays, street parties … if that doesn’t attest to how much Trump was detested, I don’t know what else could.

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It’s such a relief isn’t it. It really is one thing less to worry about now.


Trumpism isn’t dead. The pain and issues that caused Trumpism in the first place is still live and well. One thing this election has proven is that the expected blowback to Trumpism wasn’t the Blue Wave that the Democrats were hoping for and the Republicans came out barely scathed in Congress and expanded on the minority vote.

What still drives me crazy is that during the whole election cycle, it was quite evident that the Democrats and the media still have not learned their lesson from previous mistakes. How dumb do you have to be to praise Ho Chi Minh when trying to recruit Vietnamese into the party? Lets just say, where I live, it backfired spectacularly.

One thing has been clear during this election and that is MONEY can’t buy elections. If it could, Bloomberg would be President now and Mitch Mconnel and Lindsay Grham whould have been voted out.

There are many countries that still suffer to this day because of the movement that one man created. Peronism in Argentina, Fujimorism in Peru to name a few.

The US media (traditional and social) has a lot to answer for.
It was much better this time, they knew to avoid the crazy nonsense about Hunter Biden, but they still spread a lot of rubbish and I entirely expect that this only helps Republicans.

There’s a poisoned cycle of disinformation operating in our democracies (here in the UK, too) where websites relying on ad impressions will print something they know to be outlandish, unfounded or suspicious just for the clicks (often as “opinion”), either a nonsense story or a staged event.
It’s then spread all across social media into the echo chambers of the right-wing. They don’t care about truth and facts, they just care that their biases are supported and their fears proven.

There’s an interesting Twitter account which analyzes the most popular content on Facebook each day. Every time I see it they have a list of ten of the most shared links, and usually 9/10 of them are Ben Shapiro, Fox News, Breitbart or Oann.

As you can imagine, the stories they push are almost always entirely fictitious or speculation to appeal to the conspiracy theorists and people who don’t want facts, they just want their political fanaticism reinforced.

After this is over a lot of work needs to be done to enforce standards in news media and build some kind of defense against this propaganda. If we were in a hot war with either Russia or China this mechanism would do serious harm to our defense, and we need to make sure that cannot happen.