Homoactive cash (staxus)

From the email sent out today to affiliates it seems Staxus and My Dirtiest Fantasy have slashed affiliate payouts from 50 to 20%. Also reducing ad tool mails to monthly.

This has to be a bad move, With monthly mails they will not be on my mind to promote as readily as with weekly content and I certainly won’t be able to promote them as much with such a low commission.

20%?! These people are crazy. Thanks for the information. I’m going to remove their content immediately.

New way to shoot yourself in a leg :smiley:

But hey, there are at least 2 paysites with same models and setting, so, don’t really care.
For example XXXRewards with their BoyFun

Yes, I noticed that. 20 and 25% commission. I do fear it’s going to have a counterproductive effect.

At the same time I can’t blame them for trying to make their company more productive even if it’s the wrong way to go about it. The large tube sites are just taking over and no one seems to be able to stop them from using pirated movies. So far there is no studio I can’t find a scene or full video by doing a google search. Plus you got fan sites too. Add to that Google favouring only a handful of sites and removing more and more terms from porn and showing amazon and other non porn sites. It’s looking rather bleak.

Thanks Alex. I’ll make an increased effort to get our mailer out more often as well, as a few people did reply to my last mailing about how much its used, and still a few wish to have it, if for anything as a reminder that new promo content is in the affiliate area to push. If any affiliate with a track record of traffic and a few joins, wish to have members access to get their own promo content vs the ones we give all affiliates, please email me as well. Only reason we ask for a record of traffic and a few joins, is there is lots of “surfers” with a free hosted blog that never gets updated, in an effort to score free access as an affiliate. brent (at) xxxrewards.com

And yes, we will NOT be reducing the affiliate payout % to anyone.

As Gaydemon said, the environment is definitely getting more tricky for studios, with the piracy, and especially google rewarding tubes and pirates over blogs and quality studio sites. Nothing that can’t be overcome in various ways, and there are ways to fight piracy these days better. Its not cheap to do, but over the long run, hopefully it pays off. Problem is getting more studios to use the solution a few of us are using to make it harder and also easier to find the source of the leaks. When only a few studios put effort into doing it properly, it doesn’t really change the course of sales for anyone, as surfers will just go to option D if its free vs paying for their first 3 options.

We will not be reducing affiliate payouts. Our two twink sites www.southernstrokes.com and www.bringmeaboy.com convert great and have similar models. If you switch your twink traffic to us and away from sites which reduce your payout %, WE WILL PAY YOU A PREMIUM FOR IT . Just get in touch with us and we will take it from there with you. [email protected]

The reply I got was pretty disparaging to affiliates. I have already lowered their profile and won’t be pushing their sites in blog posts. I could understand if they had something unique, but I can think of several other Twink sites that produce just as good, if not better content. Sadly I think this will hurt them more than they think.

I was actually shocked that a company like Staxus would have done this. Especially in a time where all sales would be most welcome. We have NO plans to reduce our commissions for Badpuppy.com and ClubAmateurUSA.com. We’ve actually seen an uptick in Affiliate conversions since the first of the year and appreciate everyone who does promote our sites. If we can do anything special for any of you please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

Sorry but I don’t buy the “things are tough” argument as an excuse. Yes, things are difficult for all of us but we have always had our challenges in the adult industry. However, affiliates drive a huge amount of brand recognition in addition to traffic. That is advertising that does not get compensated for. Often times people will see a post on a blog and type in the URL rather than clicking a link. We have always taken that into account and been appreciative to affiliates for everything they have done to help us grow our company. We wouldn’t still be a company without all of our affiliates.

They’re also not going to be sending out affiliate mailers anymore either. Apparently they’ll be updating the affiliate area once a month.