Flash EOL and Chat Room Scripts?

So Adobe is putting the kibosh on Flash, Im wondering about these old video chat rooms that are still going on some sites (including the one Im working for).

Does anyone know of a vendor who has a script / add on to replicate the experience of these rooms with new back end standards? I’ve been looking around at other sites (dudesnude, truenudists, squirt), and it seems as though they have all developed their own.

I developed my own chat system a couple years ago now, but it’s just text chat, not video – so not really the same experience as what you’re talking about. I’ve always been curious how people do video chat without Flash. Clearly they’re using Javascript, but what backend technologies are they using? Are people still using RTMP? If not, what do they use? I bought a lifetime license for Wowza back in the day. Would I need that or something else?

Riding the outer limits of my tech savviness here, but it’s all WebRTC now (like Zoom). There are a few libraries, Mediasoup and Jitzi are a few examples

100% WebRTC is the way forward for 1-2-1 or small groups of 1-2-many video chats… problem is the compatibility with apple phones (specifically safari) is at best wobbly…

Jitzi is the best library we seen when we looked into this area in depth about a year ago… but at that time was still very unstable with apple… I notice iOS 14 for iPhone has a lot more webRTC support (although a lot of it is still in the experimental features section of the iphone settings, but at least its all turned ON by standard… vs it being OFF a year ago)…

Thanks Daniel!