Epoch Stats Gone Since 17th

I know Epoch stopped doing affiliate Payouts a long time ago but there reporting system continued working. As of the 17th of December I’m no longer seeing stats…

Is anyone else experiencing the same thing?

If so does anyone know how to go about viewing your stats now or have a contact at Epoch who may know what I should do?

I’ve still been generating sales from Straight Lads Spanked and Dave has been paying me based on those reports. Without those I’m kinda in the dark… ugh.


Your best bet would be to reach out to the studios who process with them that you still promote through the program, they will best be able to get info from epoch for you through their account rep, and they should be able to still see the referrer in their stats with their accounts.

Honestly I didn’t know epoch affiliate stats was still a thing for affiliates at all, we were told when the affiliate program there closed to come up with our own solution as soon as possible as the affiliate stats would not last long (so a little shocked they are still going all these years down the line).

Sorry couldn’t be much more of a help :frowning:

To be honest I think it’s a lost cause to try and get access to it. Epoch really couldn’t care less.

I think you’re right but it can’t hurt to try… Took Daniel’s advice and asked Dave from Straight Lads Spanked to contact Epoch. Hoping to work something out either with Epoch or Dave… Believe it or not I produce a good revenue with them still; better than some programs that are still updating. To bad Dave didn’t work out an alternative method as most sponsors who use Epoch primarily did but oh well… We are at where we are…

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I know the epoch program was initially set up to be “extremely easy” for studios to monetize content with affiliates, I have to say the 1 month switchover period we had was my most painful month in this industry (sleep was not in my vocabulary at the time), we built our own solution as we were looking forward at growth and future costs, as NATs or others can be a very high expense for a smaller outfit to cover depending on sales amounts ect, and we had the knowledge base to create our own system.

The issue was the Epoch affiliate program was designed for smaller outfits and those usually not able to develop a system by themselves, when that went the reasons some choose to use the epoch program to begin with were the same reasons they couldn’t move on from it.

Hope you manage to get some resolution with the current situation though :slight_smile:

It’s been confirmed… Epoch has officially killed the affiliate portal…

On the plus side though Dave informed me on his end he still has access to a breakdown of sales based on affiliate ID’s.

So instead of me invoicing him monthly moving forward I’ll just email him asking him to take a look at my stats… He said he would screen grab what he’s seeing, email it to me and payout accordingly. So we are just reversing the rolls but at least we can continue to work together moving forward :slight_smile: