Charger Cash Updates

Hi, does anyone have any information about what happened to Charger Cash? They don’t have any affiliate updates for more than a month, which is extremely atypical.

I found out that the previous affiliate rep, Peter, is no longer with them. The new contact is: [email protected]

I just received a content email from Charger Cash today and I have been receiving them regularly. These emails do tend to get delivered to my spam folder for some reason, even though I have marked the sender as being safe. As BananaMan has mentioned, try contacting Winston, he’s very responsive and I’m sure he will sort this out for you.

Thank you all. I’m going to write to him now.

Winston replied that they had some new policy and content emails would be sent 30 days late. There will be a new content email next week.

Yeah it’s a confusing rule. They said something about tube submitters not being allowed to upload content until 30 days after release… however normal bloggers and other forms of promotion is ok to use it sooner… but then if they send out delayed content that makes no sense either.

By the way, they have jacked up the monthly memberships to $29.95 for affiliate referrals, but left it at $27.95 for organic traffic.

Unfortunately, such decisions usually end in the worst possible way. We’ve seen it a thousand times.