Hey Everyone! I hope you are all safe and doing well

I’m pleased to introduce you to our ChargerCash .com affiliate and partnership manager, Winston!
An industry vet and rockstar handling our affiliate program support alongside me.

Our ChargerCash affiliate manager Peter has since departed the company. Please reach out to Winston or me for all your affiliate and partnership needs :slight_smile:

We’ve got some very exciting sites and program announcements coming soon!
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You can reach Winston and I at:
Email: [email protected] .com
Skype: paperlouie
Email: [email protected] .com
Skype: mikrocosmos1

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Thanks for the new contact.

Hi Louis,

Is Peter M. still there working with you guys?

No, he isn’t.

Thanks, who’s taking over for him?

Its right in the first post in this thread

Hello all!

You may reach out to me :slight_smile:

Email: [email protected] .com
Skype: mikrocosmos1