Charged Cash Newsletters

Is anyone else receiving these? I used to receive them weekly but as of late haven’t received any.

Also does anyone know if Peter is still with them? I’ve tried emailing him twice at “peter [at]” with no response.


They still send out weekly newsletter. The last one I got was on Oct 22nd.

Peter is still working for Chargedmedia. I just talked to him last week. You could try

[email protected]

I am not getting them either. Been several weeks since I received one.

I haven’t received one since Sept 23.

Thank you :slight_smile:

That address worked… Heard back from Peter… They have been having problems with their Newsletter system. I would suggest anyone who is looking to recieve a Newsletter reach out to Peter at:

peter [at]


I sent an email and heard right back too! Thanks for the advice.

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to clarify something here. My main email address is [email protected] but I’m also reachable at [email protected]

My former email address [email protected] is no longer working anymore.

If you aren’t receiving our weekly newsletter or haven’t in the past few weeks, please shoot me an email and I’ll add your email on the list.


I tried emailing you Peter and never got a response. Maybe check your spam folder. Also you might want to update the email links on your webmaster page. Try emailing the one that’s on there and you might be surprised who it goes to. :slight_smile:

Unfortunately Peter isn’t at Charged Cash any more.

Seeing as Peter is no longer there do you by chance have new contact info for Charged Cash?

Nope, not been given any at the moment. It’s a shame, I liked Peter and he was very helpful.