Charged Cash Newsletters

Is anyone else receiving these? I used to receive them weekly but as of late haven’t received any.

Also does anyone know if Peter is still with them? I’ve tried emailing him twice at “peter [at]” with no response.


They still send out weekly newsletter. The last one I got was on Oct 22nd.

Peter is still working for Chargedmedia. I just talked to him last week. You could try

[email protected]

I am not getting them either. Been several weeks since I received one.

I haven’t received one since Sept 23.

Thank you :slight_smile:

That address worked… Heard back from Peter… They have been having problems with their Newsletter system. I would suggest anyone who is looking to recieve a Newsletter reach out to Peter at:

peter [at]


I sent an email and heard right back too! Thanks for the advice.

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to clarify something here. My main email address is [email protected] but I’m also reachable at [email protected]

My former email address [email protected] is no longer working anymore.

If you aren’t receiving our weekly newsletter or haven’t in the past few weeks, please shoot me an email and I’ll add your email on the list.