Chaosmen and Gamma Entertainment?

I just noticed that the copyright statement on Chaosmen has changed to this:

"“All content © Gamma Entertainment. All Rights Reserved…”

Has any one heard anything?

Nope, haven’t heard from nor contacted either parties involved…

I noticed that change, I dare say, a month or so ago.

I haven’t heard anything either and was really surprised when I read this thread. It looks like there has been a big change to the ownership structure, especially with the statement “ChaosMen is a site owned and operated by Gamma Entertainment. Montreal, Quebec, H4R 2B7, CANADA.”

Even the 2257 compliance statement refers to Gamma Entertainment and there’s no reference to Bryan Ockert. I wonder whether Bryan is still producing content for the site (I wanted to say “his site”, but it doesn’t sound like it is his anymore). Times are certainly changing and this was a very quiet change.

I also clicked on the “affiliates” link at the bottom of the site and it takes you to ForbiddenMen with a fresh NATS installation, which adds another element to the mystery.

News to us! Wild !!

Back in March, I asked Derrick whether Chaosmen was involved in the new StagCollective site somehow. Most of their models had already done scenes with Chaosmen and something about the style of the StagCollective videos reminded me of Chaosmen.

He said he wasn’t aware of Chaosmen being involved… just Falcon. Now I’m not sure again…

Its been in the works for a quite awhile.

Yes, ChaosMen was acquired by Gamma Entertainment. The official announcement was just sent out to affiliates with valid email addresses on file from the former MPA3 and CCbill programs.

This site has it’s own NATS program (ForbiddenMen) and won’t be a part of BuddyProfits. It will be managed independently and produced outside of the Gamma infrastructure, using only its billing and payment systems. We will add more sites to that program as we continue to grow and develop what Bryan started.

Many business deals come with an NDA that includes benchmarks for when and how public announcements can be made and even internally only a handful of people at Gamma knew this was happening, Now that the program is official, I’m happy to share the news!

Thanks for the update.

Is it just me, or is anyone else having major issues attempting to sign in to this Forbidden Men NATS site? I attempted to get it to email me a password by using the lost password with my CCBill acct number and registered email address, but have received nothing after 1 hr. Then I attempted to sign up as a new affiliate, and it said it emailed me my new acct details, yet nothing has arrived, and when I try and login using the username/password combo I selected at signup, it says I cannot proceed as I must have cookies enabled, which I do.

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Same here, tried to restore password, but no mail here.
Also ForbiddenMen website works really slow.

yes same for me. password reset doesn’t work, no email received but it did say it was sent (took a long time before form submitted).

I’m guessing it doesn’t work because it didn’t work for me either. I emailed them and they responded within 5 minutes and sent me a temp login.

So glad they are off of CCBill it will be a game changer.

If you are having trouble logging in, please reach out to me at affiliates at chaosmen dot com

in 90% of the cases, it’s because there was a ‘no contact allowed’ flag from ccbill that opted most people out of receiving emails from the NATS system.

Username and affiliate ID are usually the same as your ccbill ID was, btw

sent you a email again.

the password reset works fine but your system goes into a loop with the error:

Access Denied
Your Session has Expired
You must have Cookies enabled in your browser settings.

There is a known issue with chrome and MS EDge right now. Try using Firefox and it should work. We are working on the browser issue, which may be related to the change of SSL we did when we moved from MPA3 to nats

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So is Bryan still producing the content or did he sell the site so someone else could do all the work and he could relax on a beach somewhere counting his money?

I’m not entirely sure about production for Chaosmen, it’s not clear but it now belongs to Gamma Entertainment. However I know he will continue and focus on peepshow instead.

We have three teams currently producing content seeing which the members like more as we move forward. We also have work that Bryan produced still that hasn’t been released and he has an open door to produce new scenes whenever he gets the urge. I’ve also discussed another possible project partnership with him and I’m hopeful we can get that going.

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What about their other site Peep Show?