Chaosmen and Gamma Entertainment?

I just noticed that the copyright statement on Chaosmen has changed to this:

"“All content © Gamma Entertainment. All Rights Reserved…”

Has any one heard anything?

Nope, haven’t heard from nor contacted either parties involved…

I noticed that change, I dare say, a month or so ago.

I haven’t heard anything either and was really surprised when I read this thread. It looks like there has been a big change to the ownership structure, especially with the statement “ChaosMen is a site owned and operated by Gamma Entertainment. Montreal, Quebec, H4R 2B7, CANADA.”

Even the 2257 compliance statement refers to Gamma Entertainment and there’s no reference to Bryan Ockert. I wonder whether Bryan is still producing content for the site (I wanted to say “his site”, but it doesn’t sound like it is his anymore). Times are certainly changing and this was a very quiet change.

I also clicked on the “affiliates” link at the bottom of the site and it takes you to ForbiddenMen with a fresh NATS installation, which adds another element to the mystery.

News to us! Wild !!

Back in March, I asked Derrick whether Chaosmen was involved in the new StagCollective site somehow. Most of their models had already done scenes with Chaosmen and something about the style of the StagCollective videos reminded me of Chaosmen.

He said he wasn’t aware of Chaosmen being involved… just Falcon. Now I’m not sure again…

Its been in the works for a quite awhile.