Buddy Profits and Gammae Payouts

Has anyone else noticed that the payout from Buddy Profits isn’t coming on time?
I have a check that was supposedly sent on July 31st, but it never arrived.

Nope. I’ve been receiving my payments on time but I have mine sent via wire. I stopped having them send check payment when they had to switch to a Canadian bank… I couldn’t deposit those through my phone which required a trip to the bank… UGH

Makes sense. I have a bank really close by, so check works best for me, BUT I am not sure if it’s just late, hasn’t been sent yet, or got lost in the mail. Had some communication with them about it, but I am still not sure, sometimes communication is slow and you don’t always get the full picture. So then you have to ask more questions and wait. Right now I am waiting for a reply as to whether it was sent yet or not, or what the deal is. So I was curious if other people that are paid by check have seen a slowdown in the checks delivery, or if it’s just me and I need to get that addressed.

It is not Buddy Profits specifically, but I had a CCBill cheque that was posted on 26th July and arrived here yesterday. I am in Australia and postage from the US is taking heaps longer than normal due to Covid. Perhaps your cheque is simply delayed due to the US postal service slow down issues and Covid, depending where you are in the world.

I just know they had problems with paxum and advised to switch to wire.

Recommend you email [email protected] and ask accounting to look into it. They are very responsive.

Thanks, I got some replies, but still not sure if the check was sent or not. They have answered, but haven’t answered that question. I’ve been trying to find out since Sept 2nd.

The check has been received. (July 31st payout arrived Sept 23rd) Thanks very much. Looks like Rona has slowed down the payout process and the mail, but I am just happy to still be making sales and getting paid. Thanks all! Good luck and good sales!!

I’m getting paid on time but using wires. Don’t know if they still have issues with paxum or not.