Best Em-bedder for mass import

Hi All,

So i am looking for amass importer so that i can simply import all the videos from ones site section, see example… with the description… is this possible, is this a wise idea any advice recommendations would be greatly appreciated…
and then use a an affiliate link the same on all videos i know i just change the filename of each video etc for seo purposes

I am asking as many questions as possible to avoid wasting time

Also there will be a hall of fame, favorities etc i am not just going to download builk imports


Well that would be stealing content from another site. Those descriptions might be custom (or not) and the videos while belonging to a sponsor could also have been modified. You will also find that most sites block robots which means you can’t download everything.

How about actually doing some work yourself instead of taking others?

Hi Gaydemon

I thought as it was affiliate videos then it would not be doing so , clearly i was wrong, hence why i ask alot of questions

As previously mentioned in other posts i am probably better to contact the affiliate owners and asking them .

Thank you for your help

I’m a bit dubious about your intentions by now. You’re selling ad spots on dating sites that don’t belong to you, you want to start a site but already selling cam tabs on a existing site (which has VERY questionable content) and now you’re asking how to take other peoples content… just doesn’t add up.

It’s very straight forward, start your own site, setup a CMS and signup to affiliate programs and use the promo content they provide.

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