Affiliates, how many CCBill accounts do you have?

This question is for the bloggers and affiliates: Like many of you I signed up many, many years ago to promote CCBill sponsors. I think the original site I signed up from was the now defunct ManAvenue.

My CCBill account now has a couple hundred sponsors…but a lot of them are no longer around and some I don’t promote anymore. And since CCBill does not let you delete sponsors from your account I’m faced with a lot of junk when I’m logged in.

I was thinking about signing up for a new CCBill affiliate account and start fresh, only adding the 50 or so programs I regularly promote today. So I was wondering if anyone else has done this or do you just put up with all the old sponsors and junk you don’t need any more?

By the way, I use a URL redirection script so changing my links to the new CCBill URL’s will not be a problem.

Any pros or cons to this idea I’m not thinking of?

I stopped promoting CCBill exclusive sites because of the horrible stats and inability to delete any sponsors. I had a massive messy list as well and they never change anything so I am just done with them. I feel your pain lol.

I’ve probably got 400 sites under CCBill, like you many are now dead and no longer works. It’s just too much of a hassle to clean it out. However I did do it once when I moved company from one country to another. That old account had 700 or so sites.

I use Nifty Stats so never login to CCBill, that kind of sorts out the issue you face.

Eleventy billion or so?
Bah, plus the duplicates from the old days when if a producer had a new site you had to sign up “again”. I only bother with a single report in CCBill that houses only affiliates earning revenues.

191 in total… Butt Bucks was the first in Dec 2004

I need to change my company address in a few months due to a move so I might use that opportunity to sign up for another CCBill account. I mainly like CCBill sites because I get regular weekly checks. The NATS sponsors have high payout levels so my checks from them come randomly, sometimes many months apart.

That’s exactly what I did, i think it was worth doing even if it was a lot of work.