Adult Biz Clubhouse talk tomorrow

I’m co-hosting a talk on Clubhouse tomorrow (2/22 @ 2pm ET) along with Jeff Dillon (yes, that Jeff Dillon), Colin Rowntree and some other folks. The topic is one I suggested - “When to walk away from money”. If you’re interested, join us…

If you’re not familiar with Clubhouse it’s a new social media app. It’s iPhone only and basically Zoom without video or textual chat - so just audio. So think of going to a conference talk that’s just audio - that’s basically what it will be like.

Clubhouse is invite-only. If you’re not already on it, hit me up and I’ll get you an invite. I have two invites I can give out, but I can probably get other people to invite you once I run out. Email me or text me - [email protected] or 917-447-2572. I’ll need to know the phone number you want use to join. You will need either an iPhone or iPod Touch - it doesn’t seem to work with even an iPad.

Also, let me know who you are so I can follow you (use the email/text above). There’s a process where if you want to talk you “raise your hand”, and someone “brings you up to the stage” and then you can talk. So I’ll need to follow you before the talk so you’re in the group that can raise their hand. (It’s divided into 3 groups - co-host and other people on the stage, people co-hosts follow, and other people who AFAIK can only listen).

Oh, for full transparency, I should mention that there are some privacy concerns with Clubhouse that are a bit creepy. It will want access to the contact list on your phone, and it stores the talks, unencrypted, on a server in Shanghai for a period of time after the talk. So if those things bother you (or if you’re on Android), don’t request an invite.

I’m curious about the hype that Clubhouse gets when there are so many negatives in terms of platform, invites and privacy. What are the USPs that Zoom, for example could not do?

It’s akin to radio rather than TV. Which do you prefer - NPR or PBS? Or it’s like a live, interactive podcast. The lack of video in some ways gets rid of an unnecessary distraction. I thought it’d be like talking on the phone, but despite the fact that I HATE talking on the phone, I actually enjoyed it.

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