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Scene comes out Friday but I wanted to make sure everyone got it beforehand as I will be away in Phoenix - should be a winner!

TITLE: "Tipping Off The Hacker" (http://members.men.com/scene/view/id...ff-the-hacker/) **March 30th, 2012 release**
FEATURING: Robert Van Damme and Alexander Greene
SITE: Big Dicks At School
Alexander Greene is an internet scam artist working out of his college dorm by night while he attends class by day. Robert Van Damme is head of security at the college and is tipped off about Alexander's shady dealings while using the school network. Van Damme surprises Greene before he can destroy all the evidence, Greene resorts to hiding a USB stick in his ass. This isn't Roberts first day in the park and unfortunately/fortunately for Alexander the ass is ALWAYS the first place Robert likes to search. Robert finds the USB stick and decides to show Greene what else can be put in his tight hole!

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